Foreword by the Rector

On behalf of the academic community of our university I invite you to join me on a short and dense intellectual itinerary. By the end of this “journey” you will discover a part of our country’s culture, which reverberates both traditions and present European achievements, and focuses on the genesis and evolution of the easternmost modern Humboldtian academic institution. Founded in a time of scientific effervescence and emulation of great European ideas, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi has been a bridge between the secular values of the civilized Western society and the spiritual beliefs shared by the local people.

Our university has gradually turned into a forum of free ideas, a unity of education in the spirit of that which is true, good and beautiful, as well as an emblematical landmark of this region. Free from the constraints of the totalitarian system, in the past two decades, our academic community has been rebuilding the formative vocation of characters, with determination in the creative transmission of quality knowledge and respect for the world’s miraculous diversity.

Today, with its fifteen faculties, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University offers to all inquisitive young minds a large diversity of academic programmes which are aimed to open the way towards their personal fulfilment and social recognition. In a world characterized by rapid and profound changes, where knowledge is the most valuable asset, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University aims to strengthen the flexibility of learning, to create opportunities for the intellectual and professional development of its students, to assist quality research and to contribute to the society’s cultural and economic growth.

Due to its performances, our university has signed partnerships with more than 200 prestigious academic institutions throughout the world and has actively promoted the development of the European Higher Education Area. Prepared to confidently assume the unforeseen paths of the future, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi openly awaits both diligent students and professors from all over the world.

Consistent with its creed “Fides et Ratio”, the University is grateful to you all, who share its joys, and warmly recommends those in expectance to assay its challenges.

PhD Prof. Vasile IŞAN

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