The Administration Council , made up of the members of executive Board and the Deans of the Faculties, is usually monthly convoked for solving specific problems.

Prof. dr. Vasile IŞANRector
Prof. dr. Gheorghe IACOBVice- rector for Undergraduate Studies
Prof. dr. Ovidiu-Gabriel IANCUVice- rector for MA and PhD Studies
Prof. dr. Dumitru LUCAVice- rector for Research and Innovation
Prof. dr. rev. Gheorghe POPAVice- rector for Institutional Development
Prof. dr. Henri LUCHIANVice- rector International Relations
Prof. dr. Carmen CREŢUVice- rector for Student and Graduate Affairs
Prof. dr. Cătălin TĂNASEVice-rector for Information and Evaluation
Prof. dr. Ovidiu CÂRJĂDirector of the Council for Doctoral Studies
Eng. Bogdan-Eduard PLEŞCANGeneral Manager
Prof. dr. Mircea Nicuşor NICOARĂDean, Faculty of Biology
Prof. dr. Ionel MANGALAGIUDean, Faculty of Chemistry
Prof. dr. Tudorel TOADERDean, Faculty of Law
Prof. dr. Marin CHIRAZIDean, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
Prof. dr. Dinu AIRINEIDean, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Prof. dr. Nicu GAVRILUŢĂDean, Faculty of Philosophy
Assoc. Prof. dr. Sebastian Dumitru POPESCUDean, Faculty of Physics
Prof. dr. Corneliu IAŢUDean, Faculty of Geography and Geology
Lecturer dr. Adrian IFTENEDean, Faculty of Computer Science
Prof. dr. Petronel ZAHARIUCDean, Faculty of History
Prof. dr. Codrin Liviu CUŢITARUDean, Faculty of Letters
Prof.dr. Cătălin George LEFTERDean, Faculty of Mathematics
Prof. dr. Ion DAFINOIUDean, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
Prof. dr. rev. Ion VICOVANDean, Faculty of Orthodox Theology
Prof. dr. rev. Emil DUMEADean, Faculty of Roman- Catholic Theology
Stud. Magdalena CatargiuStudent representative
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