Bilateral co-operations

Partener CountryProject managerFacultyProject Title
GreeceProf.dr.Eveline POPOVICIChemistrySynthesis of magnetic nanoporous materials applied in medical and environmental purposes
ItalyLect.dr.Cecilia ARSENEChemistry 
ItalyProf.dr.Sebastian ANIŢAMathematicsReaction diffusion equations theory, numerical methods and related optimal control problems
HungaryProf.dr.Gelu BOURCEANUChemistryNonlinear dynamicsin chemistry and environmental science
FranceProf.dr.Cornelius CROITORUInformaticsConception et analyse d'algorithmes de relaxation pour des problèmes d'optimisation
FranceProf.dr.Marina  MURESANULettersL'interlanguedes apprenants roumains en français et français en roumain
FranceLect.dr. Mihaela Atena GIRTANPhysicsSimulation numérique du procédé de dépôt de couches minces d'oxydes métalliques parspray-chemical vapour deposition

Frame Programme 6

Project TypeProject TitleDirectorFaculty
EUREKAEureka e! 3129-antique leatherNicoleta Melniciuc- PuicăOrthodox Theology
EUROATOMProperties of space charge layers and phenomena associated to the interaction wall-magnetised plasmaGheorghe PopaPhysics
FP 6 NoeMolecular approach to nanomagnets and multifunctional materials magmanet (2005-2009).  Network of excellence – fp6Alexandru StancuPhysics
FP 6 Noe - EUROCHAMPIntegration of European simulation chambers for investigating atmospheric processesRaluca MocanuChemistry
FP 6 STREPAmass - system design of associative memoryarraya for semantic searchDorel LucanuInformatică
FP6 EpisconIon SanduOrthodox Theology
FP6 STREP LT4eLLanguage technology for e-learningDan CristeaInformatics
FP6 - MARIE CURIEMonitoring of toxic pollutants in rural,urban and industrial atmospheres in the Iasi regionMirela GoanţăChemistry
INTASSelection and cultivation of rhodiola roseal. Based on molecular, phytochemical and physiological methodsOvidiu TomaBiology

Projects in COST network

Project TypeProject TitleDirectorFaculty
COST 525Electroceramics from nanopowers produced by inovative methods - ELENALiliana MitoseriuPhysics
COST A21Restorative justice developments in EuropeDoina BalahurPhilosophy

Other Types of International Projects

Project TypeProject TitleDirectorFaculty
ESPON 3.2. Agreem.IGEAT BruxellesEvolution scenarios of EU - Balkans and candidate countriesOctavian GrozaGeography and Geology
10217UL“Etude par méthodeforc du comportement hystérétique des solides moléculaires commutables“Alexandru StancuPhysics
National Instruments (Texas, Austin, USA)Integrated laboratory of virtual instrumentation in biophysicsTudor LuchianPhysics
JINR DUBNAAtmospheric deposition of heavy metals in rural and urban areas of Romania studied by themoss. Biomonitoring technique employing nuclear and related analytical techniques and gis technologyRaluca MocanuChemistry
3828/2005 S.C."Falcon Oil & Gas" S.R.LCercetări geologice asupra forajului Bilca 2 (micropaleontologie, palinologie, nannoplanctoncalcaros, corelare cu Bilca 1)Mihai BranzilaGeography and Geology
ESTROM ElvetiaChemical and biological monitoring of persistent organic pollutants in river BahluiGheorghe MustataBiology
COCOP  Gov.FranceCocop formarea de formatori de traducători români pentru sub-titrajMarina MuresanuLetters
COCOP  Gov.FranceCocop formation de traducteurs et interprètes de haut niveauMarina MuresanuLetters
AUFContribution a l’étude de la structure et des propriétés électriques, optiques et photoélectriques des couches minces de chalcogénures utilises dans les dispositifs semi-conducteursMihaela RusuPhysics
ESPON 3.4.1,AgreemUniv.ParisL’Europe dans le mondeOctavian GrozaGeography and Geology
Fondul International VisegradRolul radicalilor liberi in mecanismul reactiei oscilante Belousov - ZhabotinskiLavinia OnelChemistry
Contract ICIPE,Gov.GermanyStudy of diamondback moth parasitoids in Black Sea area of RomaniaGheorghe MustataBiology
FLNP JINRDubnaThe extrinsec magnetoresistance of some (nd1-y(in,sc)y)1-xsrxmno3Nicoleta CorneiChemistry
NATO RIG-981695Trace element pollution monitoring of the river Prut, Romania-MoldovaGelu Bourceanu
Petru Jitaru
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