Center NameCenter ManagerFaculty
Excellence Research Center ”Mathematical Analysis and Applications” (2006) BARBUMathematics
Research Center of Applied Psychology (2002)Prof.univ.dr.Adrian NECULAUPsychology and Education Sciences
Universitary Center of Human Geography and Territorial Planning (CUGUAT) (2005)Prof.univ.dr.Alexandru UNGUREANUGeography-Geology
Carpath (Center for Applied Reasearch in Physics and Advanced Technologies) (2006)Prof.univ.dr.Alexandru STANCUPhysics

Research Centers

Center NameCenter ManagerFaculty
Center of Ecosystems Biodiversity under the Pressure the Anthropic Impact (2001)Prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe MUSTAŢĂBiology
Center of Biodiversity, Biology and Use of Entomofagous Insects for the Biological Control (2005)Prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe MUSTAŢĂBiology
Center of Biochemistry and Genetics of the Microbial and Vegetal Cells (2001)Prof. univ. dr. Vlad ARTENIEBiology
Center of research in radiochemistry (2001)Prof. univ. dr. Alexandru CECALChemistry
Research Center in Cicloimmonium Ylide Chemistry through Conventional and Nonconventional Methods (2001)Prof. univ. dr. Magda PETROVANUChemistry
Research Center in Management – CEMEX (2002)Prof. univ. dr. Dumitru ZAIŢEconomie şi Administrarea Afacerilor
Research Center in Finance (2002)Prof.dr. Gheorghe FILIPEconomics and Business Administration
CESINCON - Research and Training Center in Information Systems for Leadership (2002)Prof. univ. dr. Ioan ANDONEEconomics and Business Administration
Research Center in Statistics (2005)Prof.univ.dr.Elisabeta JABAEconomics and Business Administration
Research Center on Condensed Matter Physics (2002)Prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe RUSUPhysics
Center for Physico-Geographical and Soil Science Research, for Sustainable Development of Natural Resources ( CCFGPED) (2005)Prof. univ. dr. Constantin RUSUGeography-Geology
Research Center in Geochemistry and Determinative GeothermometryProf.univ.dr.Titus MURARIUGeography-Geology
Research Center in Computer Science (2002)Prof. univ. dr. Toader JUCANComputer Science
Interdisciplinary Center of Archaeological Studies (2001)Prof. univ. dr. Nicolae URSULESCUHistory
History Center "Gheorghe I. Brătianu" (2001)Prof. univ. dr. Ioan CIUPERCĂHistory
Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Comparative Literature and Cultural Anthropology (2005)Prof. univ. dr. Viorica CONSTANTINESCULetters
Research Center of Presentday Intercultural and Interlinguistic Dynamics (2006)Prof. univ. dr. Odette BLUMENFELDLetters
Center for Research of Literary Theory and History (2006)Prof. univ. dr. Liviu LEONTELetters
Research Center of Algebraic, Geometric and Topologic Structures and Applications (SAGTA)Acad. prof. univ. dr. Radu MIRONMathematics
Center of Fundamental and Applied Pedagogical Research in Multi-Referential Performance from Education, Professional and Community Fields (CPFA)(2002)Prof. univ. dr. Teodor COZMAPsychology and Educational Sciences
CREA - Regional Center for Adult Education (2005)Prof.dr.Laurenţiu ŞOITUPsychology and Educational Sciences
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