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Office of Academic Records
Address: Bulevardul Carol I nr. 11, 700506 Iaşi
The office is located on 2nd floor, University Building A.
Phone: (+40/232) 201125
Fax: (+40/232) 201121

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 10:00-12:30 hrs and 13:00-14:30 hrs
The Office is closed for lunch between 12:30 and 13:00 hrs.
No public relations on Friday.

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Our Office

Nicoleta Căuneac

Head of Office
Phone: (+40/232) 201120
Academic records to graduates of: the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Administration, College for Elementary School Teachers. She also produces and releases replacement diplomas for all our graduates.

Cerasela-Nectara Ciocoiu

Phone: (+40/232) 201102, extension 2125
Academic records to graduates of: the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Computer Science, Letters, Mathematics, Psychology and Education Sciences, Roman-Catholic Theology

Alexandra-Andreea Ferariu

Phone: (+40/232) 201102, extension 2383
Academic records to graduates of: the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, Geography and Geology, History, Orthodox Theology, Center for European Studies

Daniela Constantin

Phone: (+40/232) 201125
Translations. Confirmation of degrees.

Diana Dumitriu

Phone: (+40/232) 201102, extension 2382
Graduation certificates for successful completion of the psycho-pedagogical module.

Required documents

Before requesting your academic records, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Clearance form. All graduates having successfully completed their degree between 1997 and 1999 should clear all financial obligations with university. This form is available to our office and graduates should have it signed by all concerned departments.
  • Two (2) identical ID colour photos having a size of 3 x 4 cm or 4 x 6 cm, recently taken by a professional photographer. Photos should be printed on matt photo paper and you should wear light-coloured clothes (seal applied over your photo should be easily visible). ATTENTON! Inappropriate photos will not be accepted.
  • Original identity cards/bulletins (for Romanian citizens) and original passport (for foreign citizens). A marriage certificate or other relevant document is required to certify the change of name (if applicable after graduation).

Types of Academic Records to be issued

The Office of Academic Records produces and releases documents certifying completion of higher education. An academic document is an official statement of your educational history. Holders of academic degrees are awarded with that degree all legal rights pertaining hereto.
Academic documents:

  • Bachelor’s degree diploma, Graduation diploma, Engineer’s degree diploma, Master’s degree diploma, Comprehensive postgraduate diploma, Academic postgraduate diploma
  • Academic Transcript of Grades – as appendix attached to diplomas
  • Academic Transcript of Grades – upon request – for graduates having successfully completed their studies between June 1983 and February 1994
  • Academic Transcript of Grades for graduates having not taken final examination towards completion of degrees
  • Certificates for Long-term / Short-term Education for graduates having not taken final examination towards completion of degrees
  • Diploma Supplement (available below)
  • Translations (see below) – formal academic documents issued by our university while bearing the university heading and seal and the signature of the university rector.
  • Confirmation letters attesting degrees and study programmes

Diploma Supplement

As agreed by the Ministry Decision No. 4968 of 07-AUG-2006, the Diploma Supplement is being issued in a widely spoken European language, given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation beginning with the examination session of 2006. This supplement is attached to the Bachelor’s degree diplomas, graduation diplomas, engineer diplomas, Master’s degree diplomas and comprehensive postgraduate diplomas.

The recently produced document has been developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO and written both in Romanian and English while providing for more and comprehensive information on graduation. The following are mentioned in a diploma supplement: information identifying the field (area) of study, specialisation, title conferred, status of the awarding institution, language of study, level of the qualification, programme requirements, description of the programme, grading scheme, grade distribution guidance, as well as information on the access to further study. The last page of the Diploma Supplement includes the outline structure for the national education system of Romania.

See Diploma Supplement here (a blank example) and here (a filled-in example).

Persons Entitled to pick-up Academic Records

IMPORTANT! - Romanian regulations on the academic records state that originals of diplomas and official transcripts of records, bearing the signatures of the faculty’s dean and faculty’s secretary, university’s secretary and university’s rector and the university seal, should be issued one single time to the holder of the qualification being entitled to it. When the holder of the qualification is not able to pick-up his/her diploma, he/she may give a letter of authorization to a third party. Make sure you have this letter notarized by a notary public (if the holder of the qualification is in Romania) or by the Romanian consulate (if the holder of the qualification is in a different country).

Make sure you mention in your letter of authorization the change of name (if applicable after graduation). Do not forget to attach a copy of your identify card to the letter of authorization.

The third party should produce his/her identify card as well.

Graduates of Other Universities

Graduates of other universities having taken their final examination at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi are required a 105 RON fee for the release of their diploma.

Graduates of 1983 (June) – 1994 (February)

Transcripts of records upon request
Since no transcript of records is being attached to diplomas for graduates having successfully completed their degree examination between June 1983 and February 1994, they may submit a written request for a transcript of records.

To process your transcript application, you need:

Loss or Damage of Academic Records

If your diploma is lost or damaged, you may require our office to produce a replacement certificate / diploma / transcript. The following are required:

  • Official Journal of Romania – original and integral copy of the journal publishing the lost of the concerned document. Name of the document, surname and forename of the holder of the qualification (as mentioned on the lost document), father’s first initial letter, year of successful completion of studies, series and number of the document, as well as issue number and date should be also mentioned. If you don not own any photocopy of the lost document, you may request a confirmation letter that would include all details to be mentioned in the Official Journal.
  • Notarised statement identifying the circumstances of the lost or damaged document
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy).
  • Two identical ID colour photos having a size of 3 x 4 cm or 4 x 6 cm, recently taken by a professional photographer. Photos should be printed on matt photo paper and you should wear light-coloured clothes (seal applied over your photo should be easily visible). Photos are only required for replacement diplomas.
  • A fiscal stamp (1 RON) for each lost document.
  • Receipt acknowledging the payment of the fee (90 RON per each document).
  • Application. See application form here.

All documents mentioned above constitute your application file and it should be approved by the Senate Board of our university. Processing of your application will take between 30 and 90 days after Senate Board’s decision. Replacement diploma /certificate / transcript should be released to the holder of the qualification. A third party could pick-up your document if you have provided him/her with a notarised letter of authorisation (see above).


Make sure you store all your diplomas and transcripts of grades safe and properly.
Avoid including original academic records in your application files.
Do not apply plastic foils over your academic records since they may not be notarized.

Translations / Confirmation of Degrees

Daniela Constantin
Phone: (+40 0232) 201125

Translation from Romanian into English and French. All our translations of the academic records have the university seal and are signed by the university rector. Therefore you can obtain your diploma /certificate and transcript in English or French. No notarised authentication is required since the university releases these academic documents either in English or French, signed by the rector. For further details on translations, would you please refer to Daniela Constantin (see contact details above).

What translations could you obtain?

  • Diplomas, transcripts of grades, records of learning and achievement, certificates, course descriptions.
  • Certificates of completion (for students, graduates, PhD students).
  • Reports on the PhD thesis.
  • Confirmation letters with a view to have your studies recognised abroad. Download application form here.



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