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9, Cloşca Street, Iaşi RO-700066
Phone: +40 (232) 201328;
Fax: +40 (232) 258430;
Email: contact@teo.uaic.ro
Website: http://www.teologie.uaic.ro

DEAN: Prof. dr. pr. Ion VICOVAN
Teaching staff: 27
Students: 1296
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  • Department of Orthodox Theology

Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)


  • Pastoral Orthodox Theology
  • Methodology of Teaching Orthodox Theology
  • Social Orthodox Theology
  • Sacral Art

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)


  • Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology
  • Systematic Theology in Contemporary Context
  • Church’s Life – History and Present
  • Practical and Pastoral – Missionary Theology
  • Theology – Cultural Heritage

Doctoral School:

  • History and Philosophy of Religions
  • History of the Romanian Orthodox Church
  • History and Spirituality of the Byzantine World
  • Biblical Exegesis of the Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew

About the faculty

The Faculty of Orthodox Theology assumes a fundamental role in training future priests, With a joint honours, both as Religion teachers and specialists in eclesiastical art and cutural heritage. Furthermore, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology attributes itself the mission to contribute to the ecumenical collaboration between the Orthodox Church and the other Christian Churches existing in Romania, as well as to realize the inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue.

The life of the Faculty, which began in 1860, has been a difficult one due to the political situations that have characterized our country. Nevertheless, since 1990 it is an idependent faculty due to the determination of his Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, at the time Archbishop of Iaşi and Metropolitan Bishop of Moldavia and Bucovina, nowadays Patriarch of Romania.

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