Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology

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11, Carol I Boulevard, Iaşi RO - 700506
Phone: +40 (232) 201115
Fax: +40 (232) 201114
Email: ftrc@uaic.ro
Website: http://www.ftrc.uaic.ro

DEAN: Pr. Conf. Dr. Emil DUMEA
Teaching staff: 4
Students: 136
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  • Department of Roman – Catholic Theology

Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)


  • Methodology of Teaching Roman-Catholic Theology
  • Social Roman-Catholic Theology

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)


  • Strategies of Christian Charity

About the faculty

The Catholic Church of Moldavia has a long time ago reached maturity from all points of view and there was a need for a teaching institution that would meet the Catholic youngsters’ desire of having access to a superior Catholic - specific culturalization. The nowadays Faculty began its activity in 1991.

The Faculty of Roman – Catholic Theology assumes the mission to respond promptly and aptly in order to promote opening towards the international academic community.

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