Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Presentation


3, Toma Cozma Str., Iaşi RO-700554
Phone: +40 (232) 201026; 201027
Fax: +40 (232) 201126
Email: admefs@uaic.ro
Website: http://media.lit.uaic.ro/sport/

DEAN: Conf. dr. Marin CHIRAZI
Teaching staff: 27
Students: 951
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  • Department of Physical Education and Sports

Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)

  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Kinetic Therapy and Special Motricity

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)

  • Management and Marketing in Sports
  • Fitness and Corporal Aestetics
  • Leisure Sport Activities and Extreme Sports
  • Kinetic Therapy in Sport Traumatology

About the faculty

The Faculty of Sports has been functioning as a department in different faculties and in 1994 it became independent. The Faculty has contributed to the builing up of more than 1200 Physical Education and Sports teachers as well as specialists in performance sports.

Scientific research is materialized by publishing materials in specialized reviews, participations at the International Invention Fair, participations at scientific sessions, publishing manuals, practical courses, editing of the Sports and Society Review and international review exchanges.

The Faculty puts at the disposal of its students several facilities:

  • participations at local, national and international university competitions
  • scholarship opportunities abroad
  • Internet access
  • sports halls fitted with modern equipment
  • set up sports grounds
  • teaching rooms with multimedia apparatus, kinetic therapy laboratory
  • sports equipment for students (balls, rackets, skis, etc.)

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