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Quality Assurance Service is a specific executive compartment. It supports the Commission for Quality Evaluation and Assurance in implementing the quality management through action planning, the elaboration of self evaluation reports and specific quality assurance documents, quality assurance training of the staff, the development of internal and external audit.


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi considers good quality institutional culture as a mean of achieving academic excellence in education and scientific research.


The quality management institutional structure of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University functions on two levels, as follows:

University level

  • COMMISSION FOR INTERNAL EVALUATION AND QUALITY ASSURANCE, coordinated by Prof. PhD Henri Luchian. It surveys procedure implementation, quality assurance and evaluation, proposes quality improvement of both administrative and academic activities.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE COUNCIL, which has an advisory character and is composed of representatives in charge for quality assurance from each faculty

Faculty level

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMITTEE is managed by the quality assurance responsible from each faculty/department/administrative structure. The committee organizes quality assurance activities within the faculty, monitors the quality of study programmes, elaborates the annual internal audit report regarding the quality of education and assists to external evaluations.

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