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11, Carol I Boulevard, Iaşi RO - 700506
Phone: +40 (232) 201052; 201053;
Fax: +40 (232) 201152;
Email: admlit@uaic.ro
Website: http://letters.uaic.ro

DEAN: Prof. dr. Codrin Liviu CUŢITARU
Teaching staff: 125
Students: 2077
Undergraduate ECTS Study Guide
Master ECTS Study Guide


  • Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Department of Romanian Language and Literature and Comparative Literature
  • Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences

Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)

Language and Literature

  • Romanian language and literature (A) – a foreign language and literature (B)
  • A foreign language and literature (A) – a second foreign language and literature (B)
  • A foreign language and literature (A) – Romanian language and literature (B)
  • Classical philology
  • Comparative and Universal Literature – a foreign language and literature (B)
  • American Studies
  • Cultural Studies

Applied Foreign Languages

  • Translation and Interpreting

Communication Sciences

  • Journalism
A - First specialization
B – Second specialization

Foreign languages may by chosen among: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish.

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)

Language and Literature

  • Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilizations
  • General and Romanian Linguistics
  • Romanian Language, Literature and Civilization
  • Romanian Literature and Literary Hermeneutics
  • Francophone Studies
  • Methodology of Teaching French as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Education
  • Universal and Comparative Literature
  • German Culture in the European Context
  • Applied Linguistics – Methodology of Teaching English Language
  • Translation and Terminology
  • American Studies

Communication Sciences

  • Journalism
  • Techniques of Editorial Production in Written, Audiovisual and Multimedia Press

Doctoral School:

  • Latin Language and Literature
  • German Language and Literature
  • French Language
  • French Literature
  • Romanian Language
  • General Linguistics
  • Romanian Literature
  • Stylistics and Poetics
  • English and American Literatures
  • English Language
  • Russian Literature
  • Comparative Literature

About the faculty

The Faculty of Letters was founded together with the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, in 1860. Among its greatest teachers, there may be mentioned: V. A. Urechia, Alexandru I. Philippide, Titu Maiorescu, G. Ibrăileanu, Anton Naum, G. Pascu, Traian Bratu, Charles Drouhet, Th. Simenschy, Iorgu Iordan, Constantin Balmuş, G. Călinescu, Petru Caraman, Mihai Drăgan.

Through its structure and programmes, the Faculty assures the training of teachers in Letters, researchers in the philological field as well as specialists in Communication Science, Translation and Interpreting.

As for its teaching infrastructure, the institution owns a computer room, a video room, an Internet room, a multimedia laboratory and four language laboratories. The Letters library has a stock of over 150 000 volumes, more than 10 000 periodicals, 70 places in 3 readingrooms and has been computerized since 1997.

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