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11, Carol I Boulevard Iaşi RO 700506
Phone: + 40 (232) 201063 / 201363
Fax: + 40 (232) 201313
Email: admchim@uaic.ro
Website: http://www.chem.uaic.ro

DEAN: Prof. dr. Ionel MANGALAGIU
Teaching staff: 40
Students: 411
ECTS Study Guide


  • Department of Chemistry
Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)
  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry
    • Technological Biochemistry
    • Chemical Informatics
  • Environmental Science
    • Environmental Chemistry
Master’s Degree (4 semesters)
  • Coordinative Applied Chemistry
  • Methodology of Teaching Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry of Heterocyclic Systems
  • Dynamics of Chemical Systems applied to Environmental Chemistry

Doctoral School

  • Chemistry

About the faculty

The Department of Chemistry emerged in 1878 from the division of the Physics and Chemistry Department and its first director was the illustrious scholar Petru Poni.

Our nowadays autonomous faculty was to be founded in 1948, and beginning with 1974 it became a part of the Polytechnic Insitute of Iaşi. Since 1990, the Faculty of Chemistry is once again a part of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University.

At present, the teaching and research domains are Chemistry, Chemistry – Physics and Technological Biochemistry. Due to an excellent theoretical and experimental training, our graduate and postgraduate students can easily adapt to the evolution of new investigation techniques, which allows them to undergo chemical analysis in any industrial or medical laboratory.

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