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Address: 1 Veronica Micle Street, 700505, Iaşi
Phone/fax: 0232 201318

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Director, Coordinator Education Programmes
Prof. univ. dr. Gabriela Carmen PASCARIU
Phone: +
Field of research: integration economy, regional economy and European regional policy.

Executive Director
Prof. univ. dr. Alexandru-Florin PLATON
Phone: +
Field of research: historycal anthropology, social history, modern and medieval


The Center for European Studies (CES) was established in 2000 through the project PHARE RO 9706-01-02. It functions as a inter-faculties department, subordinated to the Rector's office and the Senate of the "Al. I. Cuza" University. Integrated in the national network of excellence centers in the field of European studies, the CES has as specific objectives:

  • to initiate and develop the education in the field of European integration and regional development
  • to extend and consolidate the European Studies curricula in the academic institutions
  • to develop the scientific research in the field of European integration, focusing on European Union enlargement and to improve the integration perspective through regional development
  • to offer support to the public and private environment in implementing and managing projects financed from European funds, especially the programs of regional development
  • to inform the public on the process of European integration

Considering this, The Center for European Studies organizes programs and courses of initial and continuous training in different fields of European studies, participates in international and national cooperation programs for research and dissemination of information on European Union and the process of integration, develops mobility programs for students and teachers, promotes the public-private partnership and debates on European issues by cooperating with the public institutions, professors and researchers from the University centers in Romania and the EU member states.

The 11 European programs that the Center has been coordinating (especially the 6 Jean Monnet actions), more than 50 European mobility for students and professors, the participation of Erasmus students from the EU countries at the CES activities, the 4 International Conferences and more than 20 national and local seminars and debates, all these confirm, despite the limits and difficulties of any beginning, the Center's dynamism and potential in the new European environment.

The Center for European Studies' mission is to contribute to the development of its students in increasing their capacity of understanding the changes in the European civilization and also to contribute to the cultural, economic and social development in the North-Eastern region of Romania, supporting in this way the integration in the European Union.


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